Wacheke Eco Fold Studios-Rosette Eco Designs mission to offer Smart, Reflective, Quality and Valuable Eco Interior Design products and services for a cleaner future: our studios and brand vision is to conform interior spaces to sustainable standards as well as uphold ecological dignity and integrity via conscious, responsive interior designs: our brand’s value to help people thrive in ecologically living interiors; our studio is all Discovering, Exploring, Innovation, Imagining and bringing to life the green sustainable era to Design And Architecture. This brings us to the question why green interiors?

our passion is to green interior spaces…our logo

When you study the lens’s of life as a designer you realize; life is all about adding value, impacting someone else life positively. As an Environmental Scientists, Horticulturist, Landscape Designer and now in the Interior Design Business; a founder and CEO of a Green Interior Design Studio- Wacheke Eco Fold Studios I realized that people need more in their interior spaces.

Why did I choose to green interiors as way to shape people’s experience in interior spaces: 1st it was about passion to have a chance to interact with people at a personal level and elicit a feeling of appreciation, HEALTH, have a direct response? The smile I give to people, when I create something meaningful, create a memory and help people become more civilized in spaces within built environment.

let people feel and value; as they interact with interior spaces

2nd Environmental Optimism: The ways people live and interact with their surroundings have a direct repercussion on the environment. When people understand how green living, change to a more healthy lifestyle can impact- Climate Change, Green House Gas Emission, Global Warming, Air, Water, Soil Pollution we can together achieve a clean future, clean environment, clean air, clean water, good food and that collaborative drive to have positive impact to you and your loved ones.

3rd it’s being part of the Sustainability Dialogue: where we design with the future in mind: what will my kids find? What will my grand children find? Depleted natural resources, contaminated air and water? What can I do from now! As a designer, as an occupant of spaces where I live, work, heal, learn, play impact the (3) Planet, Prosper, People initiative as well as Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a common goal “A sustainable world for all”

Greening interiors in various interior categories: what’s in for YOU and ME as a client and designer?

 Residential/home interiors Eco designs- we niche on kitchen and baths, the center of home design projects; we design with four factors in mind: Water, Ventilation, Power and Light System and how these will affect the maintenance and operation of kitchen and bathroom. A green interior you allow in natural lighting saving on lighting cost during the day, you use LEDs ( Low Emitting Diodes) lighting fixtures to save on energy.

Water saving lavatories, low flow automated water fixtures to save on water bills, natural ventilation to allow air circulation and purchase of energy star appliances and accessories for use in these interior spaces; you also consider the heating and cooling requirements  to enhance thermal comfort by installing an effective HVAC system

designing a green kitchen will be an Eco boost in a home design

Office Interior Eco Design-quality of air, water and food as the center of design process, a green office has an inclusion of all health and wellness features that impacts us positively-incorporating plants for instance increases oxygen and reduces carbon dioxide build up with in spaces- when you enhance comfort-thermal, acoustic comfort to your employees-when you follow green building principles in creating spaces and building office buildings, when you include a cafeteria with a balanced diet for your employees:

The benefits will include: higher employees productivity, higher engagement, fewer sick days, higher performance, lower absent seem, and overall higher work productivity. As a company, as an organization you will increase your profit margin, have a competitive advantage and save on operation costs. You will drive bright and talented persons to work for you

in modern office design you put people and nature at the core of design

Hotel Interior Eco Designs– we niche on lobby and open spaces-an ecologically living interior with natural circulation of air, with the right balance of body temperature, great views will not only impress a guest but will elicit a FEELING. After a long fright, a long drive a feeling of rest in a hotel or a building lobby will be memorable. If on vacation or a visit well designed open space will create a lasting anticipation to come back again and enjoy the views.  

As a hotel  owner-there you will have good ratings for your hotel, as a visitor or guest, you will go home with something to share to your friends and family, you will also appreciate the diversity of culture, and benefits of going green in various spaces. As an employee you will be happy going to work

offering your guests a moment of rest in a well designed lobby

Recreational Spaces Eco Designs-we niche on gym design, spas and wellness centers, massage rooms- we think about health and wellness features, saving on energy costs, embracing a healthy life style; so when we green interior in these spaces we advocate for satisfaction in what the end user expects. A living wall, a water feature, and natural lighting will for instance benefit the trainer and trainee in continuous recharge of their bodies

Entertainment Spaces Eco Designs– we niche on club/lounges/bars, restaurants, event spaces, fashion show rooms, studios- we design to reduce environmental impact, we design for human health and well being, we put to focus your bills and cost of maintaining a space and scale them up to give maximum profits, to your audience they will anticipate to visit more often

a nature inspired massage room

Health and Wellness Eco Designs-master plan and create spaces such as hospitals entrance, doctor’s offices, patient rooms; greening interiors in these spaces will increase patient, doctor interaction and satisfaction, healing and give life to these dull spaces which elicit a feeling of discomfort and emptiness. Incorporating Biophilic Design concept will be an Eco health boost

Retail Interior Eco Designs-we niche on Boutique Design-where people stop and shop, as a designer you embrace sustainability in these spaces as away to promote responsiveness and consciousness in change of life and choice of materials; promoting Eco fashion for instance will increase the adherence of green living at home

a fashion show room in Berlin; it’s all about going green


rosette ecodesigns

Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.