First, design is all about people: who will view the designs, use the designs, appreciate the designs and grantee the success or failure of what you offer them may it be a product or service. Are who you create the designs for; happy, their lifestyle, taste, preferences are they put into consideration.

Interior design on the other hand is all about lifestyle, way of life, and manipulation of a space, surface treatment, prestige, privacy, protection, comfort and luxury. One has to consider aesthetics, functionality, practicality, safety, health, and maintenance of an interior space.

Green Interior Design is a smart, reflective design prodigy that integrates ecology and sustainability as way to increasing environmental care, concern and safety. It’s a reflection of interior designing in the 21st century where design is all about helping people thrive in a cleaner atmosphere, that consciousness and consequences of health, the surroundings and innovation.

Green awareness, life and eco lifestyle is the new era trend, with more people working from their homes and spending most of their time indoors, eco-friendly approach to interior design should be greatly adhered to. Good health and ushering in a cleaner future being the luxe factor in design.

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Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.