Precious and Endless yet a Key Global Challenge

Water represents life

Water is symbolic

Water is a rebirth

Water is refreshment

Water is health

Water is wellness

Water supports biodiversity, eco -systems, cultural diversity as well as humanity as a whole.

We prioritize water in all aspects of our lives;

Water in domestic use

Water in agriculture

Water in development

Water in manufacturing

Water in blue economy

Water in green economy and

Water in architecture and design

Rosette Eco Designs #Wacheke Eco Fold Studios

 We value people in all aspects of life

We value people’s health and wellness

We value people’s experience in spaces and places

You can imagine a world where all play a part in saving, conserving and caring for our world putting all our differences behind us; cultural, ethnical, religious, backgrounds just to achieve a common goal “saving our planet” “a sustainable world for all

We are faced with increased population , more development projects, climate change effects, imbalance in our ecosystem and unpredictable rainfall patterns. This calls for more fresh water supply, water usage, more water consumption yet there is water inadequacy, scarcity, shortage and pollution.

Our water is life in design initiative is a call to action to conserve water resources; as designers we believe that we are part of nature and people lives. We consider spatial concepts, space requirements, ethics and human psychology as part of design process.

In architecture and design there is need to invest on water for life strategies; come up with water saving initiatives in inbuilt environment.

We need to focus on water efficiency measures, water supply, waste water management policies, water harvesting strategies, and rainwater utilization in a building.

We need to focus on water usage and consumption in an interior space, in relation to the environmental, social and economic impacts that water has in our lives.

Create more awareness on water saving in our homes, work places, recreational facilities, hospitals, hotel and lodges, restaurants among other interior places and spaces.

As an interior design business and studio we are committed to be part of the teams, companies, industries, organizations that are embarking on green sustainable technology, green economy, green jobs, green architecture and green design

We look forward to also have fruitful results on our #waterislifeindesigniniative for a better tomorrow with the future generation in mind.

rosette ecodesigns

Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.