To providing corporate sustainability, environmental sustainability, cultural sustainability and economic sustainability

sustainable space is the ultimate luxury

The main aim and goal of GREEN DESIGN and ARCHITECTURE is to be FULLY SUSTAINABLE

We interact with buildings and spaces; we live, work, play, heal and learn in these structures, within their interiors. How can we part of sustainability dialogue, agenda and initiative as designers, architects, engineers, contractors, developers and most of all THE OCCUPANTS, USERS of these constructions?

I am developing a green interior design studio as well as a green interior consultancy firm. I think of incorporating WELLNESS Features within interior spaces, I think LEED categories, the New Urban Agenda in making our cities safe, resilient and inclusive; however all that requires a brilliant approach especially in execution; in a mission to provide smart, reflective, quality and valuable Eco interior products and services for a CLEANER FUTURE.

Rosette Eco Designs as the commercial brand for Wacheke Eco fold Studios main goal is to advocate for: Health of the occupants within an interior space as well as their surrounding                                                          Ecology-being part of climate action initiative to combat climate change and global warming. Sustainability-we think of the future, the restore, regenerative approach in design processes.                               Green space- where everybody plays his or her role in driving for results,

Let’s feature sustainability in 4 bottom lines;

  • Corporate Sustainability-here we feature health and wellness in work places, as designers we find ways to bring adaptable components for working environment. Incorporating WELL features air, water, sound, light, movement, comfort, mood, mind, community and innovation as part of green office design will result to; higher engagement, fewer sick days, more productivity.
  • Environmental sustainability-here we address resource efficiency as well as ecological approach in design and architecture. In design we think natural ventilation, zero carbon emission, natural daylight autonomy, zero waste diversion to landfill, pollution control measures, rainwater and grey water harvesting and utilization. The landscape design blends well with the building structure; we embrace Biophilic, Bioclimatic Design.
  • Cultural sustainability-we address culture and heritage of the area. Diversification, preservation, restoration of the existing architectural salvage. The overall design project should belong to the place where it is located. There should be a sense of place with regard to the local context, bio diversity and the overall ecosystem. The artwork, the choice of plants, the choice of materials should be a representation of the area and PRIDE of historical evolution.
  • Economic sustainability- green design and architecture is a smart move to reduce the cost of maintenance and operation. The utility bills and mortgage cost is greatly reduced, the salary and benefits can therefore be invested somewhere else. Energy cost in running appliances is efficient; water consumption is also efficient increasing the asset value. On a bigger scale sustainable infrastructural development and trade leads to substantial growth of cities and communities. Promote local economy, by purchasing the available materials as well as promoting local artisans
BREEAM Official tweet on assets, buildings and infrastructural sustainability

With a vision to conform and integrate interior spaces to sustainable standards, GREEN DESIGN should be the way forward. We think design in power, water, and light as well as ventilation sustainability. In interior spaces we think materials, operation, maintenance, durability, lifespan and flexibility; design objectives and green strategy should go hand in hand; green project goals should be identified earlier on.

WHOLE BUILDING DESIGN GUIDE calls for sustainability to be part of the design process.

Resilience should be the upgrade for adaptable functionality, aesthetics and maintenance in building design and interior design

LET’S EMBRACE SUSTAINABILITY AT THE CORE OF DESIGN                                                                                   SUSTAINABLE SPACE IS THE ULTIMATE LUXURY

rosette ecodesigns

Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.