Use design to the best of human development: create something that has value and authentic to people; through combined efforts.

Earlier this month I was privileged to participate in an interior design workshop based on a theme ‘Introduction to Sustainable Design Practice in Kenya ’at Sarova Panafric Hotel in Nairobi courtesy of Designers Association of Kenya (ADKE). Mr. John Kalungi Kabuye the vice chair of Kenya Green Building Society and also a Sustainability Consultant BESIC Group joined me on board.

Why is green design important? How can we be part of this! GREEN MOVEMENT as designers? I addressed green strategy in 3 ways;

PEOPLE MATTER; our clients always put an element of trust to us as designers to bring life to their spaces, their interaction in these spaces, ergonomics as well as perception, impression and impacts on the conscious and subconscious mindset.

A green space goes beyond the aesthetic value, functionality or operation of the interior environment. Focus on health matter; cardio vascular health, immune health, respiratory health, mental health as well as overall wellness of body, mind and soul. We think effects of the elements of space with time to the occupants and users of an inbuilt environment.

OUR ENVIRONMENT MATTER;  our Eco-System, our Bio Diversity, our Marine Life are almost in the verge of extinction, we are already caught up; encroachment of desert conditions more evident on the diminishing of the Amazon Basin , rise in sea levels, water crisis; environmental problems are already negatively impacting our cities and communities.

As designers! How can we part of the solution? Sustainability in the way we design, think smart, reflective design strategies to usher in a cleaner future, protecting our future generation; our kids, our grandchildren

Design for our future, conserve, restore, regenerate

OUR FINANCES MATTER; sustainability drives innovation, development and revenue growth, the economic value of sustainable designs increase marketability, cost effective maintenance and operation cost

Mr. Kalungi Kabuye on the other hand; addressed green inbuilt interiors as a way to embark on:

Climate change response; air, light, sound quality, low carbon interiors, rainwater harvesting, grey water collection, waste management as a way to unveil commitments on healthy energy systems, inclusive economic growth, sustainable commitments, land and ocean stewardship and transformative climate investment

Environmental stewardship; the balance between material consumption and extraction as designers we should advocate for Raw Material Sourcing and Extraction Reporting Credit. Positive and negative impacts of products and materials on the occupants health, we should do research on available materials, local labor as well local artisans

Transformation and advocacy for professional’s elements of delivery, purchasing something that will affect our health somewhere. How many Sustainable Development Goals do we impact through our design, clean water and a clean organic space, what are design constraints as well as market barriers?A drive to educate, train and create awareness to all that interact with a space, provide documentation of how the design will impact lives as well as transform lives

Understand how rating tools can transform built environment through measuring performance, certifying, manage portfolios as well as support professional development. Embrace building green as a smart investment based on the human factor; designing for the health and comfort, pursuing Building Efficiency, Optimizing, Monitoring and Maintain Performance


A tweet by BREEAM OFFICIAL: On revolution of Built Environment

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International WELL Building on combining efforts to enhance Planet, Prosper, Planet Agenda

We should vigorously join the world in this noble venture of evolution of green buildings

Let’s in corporate more green living in our lives

Let’s be symbols as a call to action

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Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.