Always give people a memory, something to remember, shape their experience in spaces and places, being part of the BIG5 CONSTRUCT KENYA organized by dmg: events was such an honor.

JOMOO’s booth at the Big 5 Construct Kenya

In November 5-7 at Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC) Nairobi, Kenya, I was privileged to be part of the 3rd edition of BIG5 Construct Kenya. I had a chance to interact with different people from all over the world all involved in built environment. Exhibitors from Qatar, Turkey, China, Greece, Nigeria, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Poland, Thailand, Oman, Romania, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Korea, India, Sri-lanka, Switzerland, Mexico and France all came to show case their brands and products

I was able to share my expertise on greening interiors; in the business sense the interaction I had with various designers and manufactures of various brands and products on how we can collaborate to embrace and adhere to Eco friendly approach to building design and architecture was marvelous. Importance of building and maintaining strong partnerships forms an integral part of trade and business growth.

shaping people’s experience in spaces and places is our goal as designers

I also appreciated the commitment shown by most manufacturing companies in inquiring and recording the products database on Environmental Product Declarations, Product Health Declarations, Raw Material Sourcing and Extraction Report and adherence to British Standards of manufacturing Products. I was interested more on building interiors and here are some of the stands that I visited:

Jomoo Construction Materials Co. LTD China an award winning company ; a leading brand of kitchen and bathroom solutions with the mission to create a smart and healthy lifestyle; their collection of automated toilet system, glass bathrooms, bathtubs, cabinets, sinks, accessories, shower set, shower enclosure  (

Jomoo a leading kitchen and bathroom company

Neuce-a paint solution company based in Kenya, produces and manufactures Eco- Friendly paints that are water proof as well as protective coatings. Can be used in surfaces with hard surfaces; in ware houses, stores and public spaces, sports flooring, car parking and road marking ( the biggest flooring company in the Middle East in Dubai United Arab Emirates (EAE) with a collection of designer flooring –luxury vinyl tiles advocating for quality, service and value. With brands such as Gerbur which is light, ultra strong easy to install and transport as well as manipulate. Green design approach in composition of natural environmentally friendly sustainable materials; 100% recyclable, water proof and moisture resistant. Effective in kitchen and bathrooms floor design, home, lobby and open spaces ( (

the color and floor design; a total reflection of quality brands

Almeer Technical services co.will is a Kuwait based manufacturing company providing lighting solutions, cable management systems, galvanizing and powder coating facilities for quality service delivery. Decorative light poles and LEDs lighting fixtures that are energy efficient

Mingling with Mokhtar Saber an Executive Business Development Officer at Modern Recycling Factory W.LL based in Qatar with the tag line Sustainable Future was such an awesome experience, their collection for Sport and Rubber Flooring suitable for gyms, club house designs that are resistant to wear and long lasting; I look forward to use these products in my Recreational Spaces Eco Designs.

Other products that caught my eye was Aluminum Composite Panel, Aluminum Honeycomb, as well as pre paint aluminum coil from Wisebond Decoration Materials Co.Ltd China a protective coating for a building exterior surface ( Kitchen sinks collection from May kitchen sinks company based in Turkey (

I was able to learn and acquire CPD certified points on Sustainable Future Construction-Energy Efficiency in East Africa Commercial Space-Going Green in Construction, Sustainable Future Construction and Energy in Green Buildings

Having a chance to interact and view products from top global brands as well as local brands was such an honor. Thank you to Eric Chan project manager dmg; events, to all EXHIBITORS, to all SPONSORS, to all VISITORS, to all PARTNERS and to our COUNTRY Kenya for making this event a success.

I look forward to as an Interior Designer and as a company Wacheke Eco Fold Studios to connect, collaborate, work as well as participate in this World of Construction Community

Rose Gicheru: Thank you BIG5 CONSTRUCT KENYA 2019, will soon launch an E-Design Platform where we can interact in advancing sustainability dialogue: as a way to accelerate the response to Climate Crisis, Global Warming as well as Green House Gases in built environment

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