This site is all about Green Sustainable Design and Architecture-Building for Change, in ESG (Environmental Social Governance) adherence, scaling up of natural resources via regeneration and restoration

our guide; our inspiration to drive Green Design Forward

The question is: will we be able to face the climate emergency? Will we be able to fight and overcome the health crisis that we are experiencing today? I would like us to interact and empower each other- through building life cycle since we all inhabit these structures; we have therefore broadened our main site through our blog platform-GREEN ECO FOLD ERA-where we can interact more and share ideas as well as views as we drive sustainable dialogue forward

They say to have an enormous impact in Planet, People, Prosperity agenda invent on a product or service that will capture the attention of a large number of global population: Green Sustainable Health and Wellness movement will therefore require commitment from the BIG TECH GIANTS-for example APPLE- a trillion dollar tech company as of 2020-2021 financial year whose impact especially during the Corona virus period has been tremendous

Scandinavian Eco Friendly Town House Featured in London Design Festival; Futuristic Interiors; The Future of Green Interior Design

Apple’s founder Steve Job’s was one of the pioneer of green building movement where he hired the services of the renowned architect Norman Foster in designing the Apple headquarters building with the sustainable, health and wellness in building design and architecture in mind ( visit the Apple Building Design for more on green movement)

Our design studio main focus is Green Interior Design, Green Interior Architecture as well as Green Design Consultancy Services. As we design spaces and places we rely on inspiration from social media services, images as well as projects done by other designers as well. Our request is that as on the Big Tech Platform and Websites we would like to see more on ECO CONSCIOUSNESS, ECO RESPONSIVENESS, ECO GOVERNANCE in shipping products, advertising products as well as net zero driven strategy in E- commerce influence in sales and marketing. We want to see more of this: AMAZON GREEN, ALIBABA GREEN, E BAY NET ZERO

United States Green Building Council  headquarters guide on achieving Sustainable Design in spaces and places

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) V4.1 CATEGORY on Transportation and Location calls for Zero Carbon Emission to our Eco System via infrastructural development. Shipping as well as transition of transport system to a hydrogen driven economy in auto mobile as well as aviation industry a good example is Elon Mask TESLA, raw material extraction credit with regard to manufacturing of products within a locality

As we continue to GO GREEN in design and architecture, I Would like to encourage my viewers and clients to commit and acquire certifications and accreditation on Eco, Green, and Healthy Design. My team and I are in the process of acquiring some of the certifications as new markers of sustainable design solutions Raising a Go Ahead-In Green Building Transformation

Let’s Reflect on this: as we raise the ambition in Green Building Transformation

  • What is the right time on how we are going to measure progress and results: on how green each project we design achieves as well as impacts?
  • What should we include to enhance success of each project from the interior design process?
  • What is hindering us to lead and achieve green building guidelines, goals and objectives?
  • What more is needed in Raising a Go Ahead-In Green Building Transformation?

Some big companies have already commenced their road to Green Recovery, Net Zero Economy-Microsoft being a good example, also other new markers of sustainability success Master card on their Sustainable Global Tax System a transition towards a Clean Energy Future.


An Atrium Design; applying Biophilic Green Design Concept

Our design firm Wacheke Eco Fold Studio was also created with these four pillars in mind-ECOLOGY-preservation, regeneration, restoration and conservation of our already disrupted natural Eco system- how can we be part of Eco system balance and scaling up of natural resources via building science-INTERIOR SPACES AS OUR NICHE

2nd pillar HEALTH and WELLNESS- how safe are people in spaces and places they occupy? From quality in air we breathe in, the water we consume, the level of acoustics-propagation of sound within spaces, the circadian rhythm and how different lighting ambiance affect our eyes. How can we design with all the human comforts in place for the enjoyment of building occupants?

GREEN SPACE- experience and responsiveness of interior atmosphere especially in these times of humanitarian emergency; how do we Design Green; Design Human without sacrificing functionality, luxury, glamour as well as aesthetics in built environment?

4th pillar SUSTAINABILITY-here we appreciate the timelessness of a design, architectural master piece and stand outs, resilience, adaptability of buildings to changes in weather and climatic conditions; as a designer this has been a challenge since most sustainable design solutions are expensive but with more people appreciating the sustainability impact in the long run! Effect of a green building’s ability to stand a test of time we will go a long way

Our Logo Represents our mission; ECO interior design transformation

As a studio we belief that green building movement will require us to build back better, gather stake holders from around the world, show case how healthy, resilient, more sustainable we can built with regard to local context, Ecosystem, Bio Diversity balance in the specific region a building is located

As we progress forward please let us share data insights and stories as well certified green projects, health and wellness certified projects, embrace the use of Delos Darwin technology system to measure the Interior Spaces Health Performance, also learn on the use of USGBC ARC tool TO MEASURE THE BUILDING PERFORMANCE with time.

I would like my website and blog platform to offer insightful and engaging conversations on the future of cities and communities, the digital tools we are going to use, the actionable solutions to attract more people to go green? As a community we should come up with the best strategy on GREEN ARCHITECTURE, GREEN INTERIOR DESIGN, GREEN ECONOMY as we continue to curb the climate crisis as well as humanitarian emergency


Rose Gicheru

GREEN INTERIOR DESIGNER design meets ecology


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Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.