Interior design to sustainable standards, ecologically friendly, as well as embarking on green strategies in inbuilt environment

 A design has value only if it gives service to the people and the community, considers health and wellness of the occupants and their surroundings, and shapes the experience of a space and place. People tend to engage more on memories, feelings and the presence of a place.

With technological advancement more people are working from their homes, most of us spend our times indoors, we are embracing indoor activities especially sports, gaming, gambling, betting just to mention a few. Let’s face it! we are in a new era where every field requires evolution and revolution ; sustainability driven strategies from buildings to people, to spaces, going green life, going eco lifestyle from a personal point of view.

When we focus on design and architecture in inbuilt environment and interior atmosphere we have to address people’s health and wellness in all perspectives; physical health, respiratory health, cardio vascular health,  immune health; in regard to preventive medical interventions on how we design buildings as well as safeguard our environment.

As designers we connect with our customers, listen to their problems, examine their needs, and address their biggest challenge in a space, service or a product. We enter into their lives, we interact, we embrace, and we understand their desires, dreams, cultural values, core beliefs, and lifestyle and come up with solutions that will give the best results, solve their problems, fears, and just add value and happiness.

We examine design in regard to aspects such as environmental psychology, architecture, and product design. Collaboration, partnering and good communication with clients all the parties involved is very important.

Green design should start from client’s briefing; as a designer one should create space consciousness on sustainability right from the start of a design project. Going green right form our homes, work places, education centers, leisure amenities, health facilities, shopping centers, entertainment spaces, hospitality industries is a good way to achieving a common goal ‘a sustainable world for all’ ‘a cleaner future’ ‘protect the future generation through design and architecture’

As designers we always have a vision, we listen to the client, to the people and the community,  hear their voice and respond to their needs in different ways; to us everyone is unique in his or her own ways.

We follow interior design concepts;

  • Structural concepts in relation to the engineering and architectural features,  details, space distribution
  • Organization concept, how the design process will work in an effective, time bound and within the budget of the client with minimal design constraints.
  •  Material concepts in relation to the choice of design products in an interior space; the purchase, quality, durability, use and also disposal.
  •  Formal concepts, we always follow building code requirements, accessibility, health and safety of the occupants, users, visitors and the community; we also think of the environmental impact the design will have in sustainability perspective.
  •  Narrative concept; each design should have a personality, should tell a story.  People should relate to various spaces with their emotions, acoustics, light; that is with their conscious and sub conscious mind.

We follow design principles; Unity and Harmony, Balance, Details, Rhythm, Order, Focal point, Scale and Proportion

Design elements; Space, Line, Form, Light, Color, Texture, Pattern

Design styles as well as themes; Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist, Tradition, Rustic, Industrial, Scandinavian, Mid- Century, Holly Wood Glam, Shabby Chic, Bohemian, Tropical, Mediterranean, Asian, South Western, Transitional, French Country

We always think how we will translate the client’s vision, and incorporate the design requirements to bring glamour, comfort, sophistication and luxury. We have to achieve a purpose in each design; the design has to be functional, practical and WELL.  That’s why bringing together design, architecture, sustainability and ecology in interior designing will greatly influence Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Action Strategies, Vision 2030, as well as Human Development.

Our brand’s value is to create interior spaces for the health and wellness of the people as well as safeguard their environment.

We believe a design has value if it inspires other people: At Wacheke Eco Fold Studios- we are creating an interior design studio from a place of intention and inspiration

Rosette Eco Designs-going green on every design, where design meets ecology, good health is the ultimate luxury

The future of conscious and sustainable interior designs

Wacheke eco fold studios; let’s embrace green designs, sustainable space is the ultimate luxury

rosette ecodesigns

Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.