What will change post the COVID-19 pandemic? As a designer whose main concept is greening interiors, shaping your experience in places and spaces: our GOAL, our VISION, our MISSION as a firm Wacheke Eco Fold Studios, I think concepts such as SOCIAL DISTANCING, CLEAN CONTACT SURFACES will be have to be introduced. In the recent years in office design for instance, open plan offices was trending but now! We will have to reintroduce the Cubical system back. What is our integrative, re inventive, innovative approach to interior spaces?

cubical office design-enhances minimal contact
could this also promote clean contact in office spaces?

An interior space: We examine, Lighting design– circadian lighting, with regard to the comfort of the occupant of the space, wall and window treatments-the painting, the art, the blinds, the valance, the drapes, the color, circulation of natural lighting, the partitions floor design–  the rugs, the interior plants, the color, the type of floor, insulation factor on users, the furniture collection, fit outs,  the finishes, the equipment and appliances, acoustic balance, the overall space planning and how aesthetics, functionality and beauty can impact people’s response in spaces and places

the collaborative, interactive nature of an open plan office design
what new concepts will we have to explore to enhance work place design layouts?

People will have to shift focus on what is appealing to the eye and invest on HEALTH and WELLNESS, on ECOLOGY as well as SUSTAINABLE FINANCE in operating and maintaining spaces; invest on design and architecture that changes and can be adjusted according to one’s needs and desires: as USGBC ( LEED V4.1) calls for we should also focus on restorative, regenerative and preservative approach to our ECOSYSTEM, BIODIVERSITY, CULTURE, LAND, NATURAL RESOURCES in the way we interact with buildings and their interiors

EDGE Technologies Amsterdam-GREEN interior design, GREEN Technology offices

Let’s break our integrative, re inventive and innovative approach to interior spaces and examine how each one will be incorporated during, and post the Pandemic, continuous Climate Crisis occurrence, Extreme Weather Conditions being experienced and how Humanitarian Crisis, Economic Crisis can be A VOICE in revolutionizing the architecture and interior design of the future

Our integrative approach

Building life cycle participants, in incorporating WELL Building Standard preventing, preparedness, resilience and recovery in Building Design and interior Spaces where we spend most of our times: to our architects and interior designers-building design and principles that enhance a safer and healthier future for us and our surroundings inclusive air quality, natural ventilation, clean air circulation, water quality, free of contaminants, natural lighting, energy efficiency, zero carbon emission

EDGE Offices, green design principles on Natural Lighting, Interior Plantscaping,
Biophilic Design concept

To Engineers, to Plumbers, Electricians and Mechanics construction techniques that demonstrates  adherence to Green Building Principles and Improved Building Systems in Interior and Exterior Lighting, Daylight Control, Building Envelope, Heat Ventilation Air Condition Building Requirements (HVAC, water heating equipment efficiency, embodied  carbon in building materials as well as optimization in operation and maintenance of a building and it’s interiors

Modern Technology, Disruptive Technology in Building Science as away forward to a more Green Sustainable Healthy movement

Our innovate approach

We are in the TECH ERA, despite the imbalance between the technology advancement and human strategies to ensure survival, the only way we will be able curb and accelerate response to these crisis-Humanitarian and Climate Crisis is through adherence to GREEN TECHNOLOGY, GREEN RECOVERY, implementing rigorous cleaning protocols in organizations, public spaces, on high touch and low touch surfaces, Automated Ventilation Systems, Air Conditioning Systems, Humidification Systems as Well as Air Purification Strategies that maintain quality air circulation within a building.

Our re inventive approach

As we continue to have a bit of an overview of our integrative, re inventive and innovative approach to interior spaces, we also think remodeling, redesigning, as well as reinvention of an interior space and the exteriors. Retrofits are more expensive than a new design, introducing the green concepts and health concepts to already glamorous and luxury spaces are not easy at all. Environmental optimism as well as health consciousness is a CALL to All of us

#sustainable space is the ultimate luxury

As a designer, I try to solve problems, satisfy your needs as my clients: creating and adding value to space occupants is my passion; in this already chaotic world there should be collaboration between you and me to introduce additional items in an interior space needing attention; our re inventive approach based on, green, health conscious living, care, maintenance of spaces as well as post occupancy evaluations and building performance on health and well being of the occupants and their surrounding!

Our integrative,  re inventive, innovative approach to interior spaces, where we Design Green, Sustainable and Healthy, where we achieve our mission to offer Quality, Smart, Reflective, Valuable Eco Interior Products and Services for A CLEANER FUTURE

We approach design and architecture in terms of SENSORY DESIGN, HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS, REVIEW OF BUILDING CODES to incorporate GREEN BUILDING DESIGN PRINCIPLES as A MUST in design and construction, RESILIENCE in design, Hazard awareness, preparedness and adaptation in the whole building system, community vitality, UPGRADES to measure spaces and places performance, and also cities and communities inclusive GREEN STREET PLANNING and DESIGN

Let’s embrace green design #green designations #green certifications #green features

rosette ecodesigns

Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.