Rosette Eco designs; an inspiration by nature and humanity in respect to 4 pillars:

  • Health of the people,
  • Our ecosystem
  • Sustainability
  • Green interior space
a design that gives value to people and the community also safe guards our planet

We are in a world that is rapidly changing and growing, there is arise in population, scarcity of resources; a world that is sensitive and very competitive.

There is increased demand of more housing, better homes, advanced corporate work environment, there are more concerns on health and fitness, the environment, technological as well as economical development; the world is in a revolution and evolution state: designers and architects therefore need to step up to this challenge, embrace modernism to create, produce and develop designs that are uniquely driven in restoring, conserving and saving our planet earth.

The green era is about designing buildings and spaces that people can use enjoy and are happy yet keep a connection with their health and wellness as well as that of their environment. Every day we see new products being manufactured and brought to our markets; at varying prices, varying quality, some handful with promotions, but, do we ask our self? Does this product meet certification standards, is it durable, is it long lasting, what about emissions; is it non toxic, above all is this product SUSTAINABLE, can it be reused, repurposed or recycled?

Nature is all around us, the air we breathe, the water we drink and use, the lands we settle on, plant our crops, the mountains, the rivers, the oceans, the lakes. In a design perspective nature goes beyond the normal perception by humanity. We think art, minerals, rock, ornamental use of plants in landscapes, clay soil to make pots among other use, we get inspiration from nature, and we design to bring a connection of people, their spaces and the surroundings.

the aesthetic value of a breathtaking landscape

In the 21st century we are faced with scarcity of resources we can no longer make something new; however we have to use what’s existing to make something new. We are challenged to design for water efficiency, energy efficiency, maximizing use of resources, minimize waste, and transform our designs to sustainable standards.

Alex Vervoort once said ‘it’s amazing to buy something forgotten and give it new life; the 21st century is an era where there no space anymore, no more rocks to make new. You make new with something that is existing already’ Alex inspiration mainly is driven by art and spirit, he said “the best contemporary art is antique art made by time” you realize that even the greatest interior designers are supporting green designs, eco designs and sustainable designs.

How can nature and humanity inspire us to create, interior spaces that are eco, humane and timeless? Especially based on WELL concepts: air, water, light, movement, sound, thermal comfort, nourishment, material, mind, community

engaging people’s health and well being at the focus of design and architecture
Home Interior Eco Designsa design in health, wellness, safety, privacy, prestige, protection and comfort as a necessity of an interior space sustainability, minimal harm to the natural habitat
evaluating green products and finishes
Office Interior Eco Designsremoving daily frictions that get in the way of work, work productivity, high task performance, employees wellness, higher engagement, fewer sick daysuse of office plants
bringing outdoors in culture
natural day light
air quality, proper ventilation
Hotel Interior Eco Designscomfort,
quality of service, ergonomics,
experience, memory
water usage
waste management
site selection
energy efficiency
Entertainment Spaces Eco Designsvisual interest
acoustic transmission
a sense of place
interaction and communication

Recreational Spaces Eco Designsengagement
people coming together and having a meaningful experience
activities that foster sustainable thinking and behavior

environmental offers
breathtaking views inspired by nature
organic accents and vocal points
historical preservation
Health and Wellness Interiors Eco Designspsychological impact
physical impact
emotional impact
serving the community
sustainability-long lasting products
waste management
efficiency of energy and water
renewable sources of energy
Retail Interiors Eco Designsuse and selling of non synthetic, non toxic products
organic products
selection of health products
environmentally conscious and responsible materials and products
fully sustainable and Eco friendly products and brands

A drive to sustainability, nature and human development in design should embrace more ideas, increase transparency on issues such as: Reuse of older building, remodeling and reinvention of existing building. Show strong ethical commitments and social responsibility initiative such as use of locally available materials, wood and stone for example to reduce long haul of transportation- this will further impact carbon emissions. Purchasing responsibly produced products for instance wood from trees that are reforested after deforestation.

As designers we should bring nature, humanity, sustainability together in the whole design process. Green design and design objectives should go hand in hand as well as evaluating the building performance.

a good design goes beyond what you see; you should feel the effect of an ecologically living space

Rosette Eco designs #wachekeecofoldstudios

rosette ecodesigns

Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.