An Eco Era, an Eco Rise, Eco Fashion, Eco Warrior, Eco Interiors, Eco Design, Eco friendly approach in ever changing lifestyle! Green sustainable design is here to stay; people are becoming more aware of their environment and the benefits of green building and green living. The economic benefits, the health benefits, the operation and maintenance costs, the environmental benefits, as  a green interior designer and green living consultant I will share with you how to create  green, healthy interior spaces

tips of on how to create green, healthy interior spaces

First, let’s feature a green building! A building that allows in Natural Lighting, 100% Natural Ventilation, Zero Heating and Cooling Energy Requirement, Zero Carbon Emission. A green interior! Zero emitting surfaces and products, Biophilic design concept, health and wellness at the center of design

Let’s look at ways you can green your space; both sustainable and healthy driven strategies

  1. Sustainable design- we think LEED V4.1 for design and construction; sustainable site analysis of the building and its interiors, interaction with the ecosystem services and bio diversity, energy consumption, indoor environmental quality, conservation of water and natural resources, overall building performance, operation and maintenance
an overview of a green house design layout to opt for
  • 2. Furniture design and Seating design-green choices based on the upholstery, the design materials and layout, opt for furniture manufacturers committed to Eco furniture practices, Eco label certification, Forest Stewardship Council Certification, use recycled, salvaged materials, natural organic textiles, materials such as bamboo, rattan, sea grass, metal, steel and aluminum  are natural elements that create very excellent sustainable furniture brands
  • 3. Ceiling design-a good ceiling design takes care of your acoustic needs as well as insulation requirement of a room, for high ceiling you can opt for recycled wood or bamboo natural elements, for low ceiling you can opt for ceiling tiles made from natural and recycled content, check for raw material extraction credit and environmental product database for the material and products
green sustainable design concept in ceiling and furniture courtesy
  • 4. Floor design-flooring solution from bamboo, linoleum, glass tiles, wool carpet, reclaimed hardwood, you also consider the net zero energy in maintenance and cleaning requirement of the surfaces, and carbon neutral concept in green building guidelines and strategy
  • 5. Window and wall treatment-air tight well insulated wall system, high quality glazing windows and solar access, always ensure maximum performance of the overall building envelope, the choice of paints and blinds as well as valances should also be Eco conscious, Green Seal Certification for paints and coating, adhesives as well as Low Emitting Interior Credit of the paints should be adhered to #how to create green healthy interior spaces
an eye of a good design; from the wall, the window and the floor design-how to create green healthy interior spaces
  • 6. Home ware design-table ware, surfaces, textiles, fittings and appliances-Green Star Certification for all items and appliances expressing commitment to energy efficiency in running, storage and maintenance, also opt for Green Guard Certification for Indoor Air Quality Database as well as Home Energy Star approval products
  • 7. Lighting design and Architectural lighting design -here we think visibility without distraction and discomfort, check for life cycle impacts of lighting products, reduce embodied energy and carbon costs of fixtures, luminaries and lamps, focus on energy efficiency and occupants health and wellness; avoid over light, consider potential impact of lighting on plants and animal life, a good lighting design should easily be navigated and retrofitted with regard to technological upgrades or renovation of the space
a green building allows in a lot of natural lighting
  • 8. Work place design-office furniture and systems, lighting, stationary, equipment, clothing-we look at ways we can exercise collaboration and discipline on how we interact with our work place environment INTERNATIONAL WELL BUILDING STANDARD (IWBI)  health and wellness concepts teaches the best ways to create green work place design
  • 9. Wearable design and Product design–clothing, footwear, eye wear, watches, apparels, clothes, gadgets ,Eco Fashion has been a trending design concept in product design in the recent years. Opting for personal items that are safe, recyclable, re purpose, and committing to care for what you already have removing the need to buy a new one is one way green living can be part of Eco responsiveness
  • 10. Graphic design-here we think pollution and waste-zero emission from papers, ink, and printing machines, opt for zero Volatile Organic Compounds ink solvents  and zero waste initiative #how to create green healthy interior spaces
  • 11. Exhibition design and Installation design, set design, fashion shows –this is mainly for event planners and event planners, smart choice to go for sustainable suppliers, consider venue parking footprint as well as carbon foot print, think ways you can engage your audience, colleagues, review performance after every stage set, food (IWBI- Nourishment Concept) that way sustainability dialogue can reach a wider population
A green art gallery in Dubai-the future of interior design-Eco Living

I always have this statement in mind “change starts with one’s commitment to embrace good habits” green sustainable healthy living is for us all! LET’S EMBRACE GREEN DESIGN

‘always be a decent person, always take responsibility, always be respectful” it’s not the most profitable way of thinking, but it is the only way to think if you are in business-words by SKAGERAK CEO JESPER PANDURO

#greenliving- how to create green healthy interior spaces

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Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.