We have all witnessed the shakeup in all sectors of the world’s economy, we have seen deaths, we have seen collapse of businesses, and we have seen lock downs, unemployment rise and a worst ECONOMIC recession. In design and architecture our specialty is REAL ESTATE, our main challenge REAL ESTATE BUBBLE, Hospitality Industry Collapse, Restaurants, Clubs and Bars Closure, as Well as Office Buildings Closure. People have lost confidence on how safe the interior spaces where we spend most our times in homes, schools, health centers, offices… are


people will need to see more focus on their health and wellness an they interact with elements of space

How then do we regain confidence in spaces and places we design?

  • Invest on people:  as an employer, as a developer, as a tenant, as the owner, In Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Institutional Real Estate, what strategies will you put in place to ensure your occupants safety and health? Promoting clean and minimal contact, improve air quality- you can introduce indoor plants both high height pot plants as well as cut flowers and foliage in pots and vases. Water quality, use of non hazardous cleaning, disinfection and sanitizing products, SOCIAL DISTANCING rules
let people appreciate the impact of design rather than the aesthetic appeal
  • Design focus on Authenticity and Care, as interior designers we interact with spaces and bring you closer to the environment where you want to live, learn, play, heal, worship, work. In the recent past experiences we have seen the adverse effect of interior spaces to our well being, The POWER of design lies in the ECO and HEALTH responsiveness blending that with AESTHETICS.
  • Create a strong sense of place-a good design presents all the design principles, elements and concepts working together in a harmonious relationship to achieve the desired design FINISH. A building and its interiors should first belong to the place where it’s located then blend well with the people using and occupying the spaces-company culture, local culture and a regenerative part of the Eco system services present in the local context
the sensory experience guests want to feel in a hotel’s spa; sensory design concept in interior spaces
  • Promote human rights and environmental justice –an inclusive designs that promotes Optimism, Equality as well as balance in Human Interaction-EVERYONE MATTER despite different ethical, cultural backgrounds; Environmental stewardship in Resources Extraction and Scaling, Waste Management, Carbon Offset, Green House Gas Emission LEED V4.1, a commitment to Recycle, Reduce, Reuse Concepts in Product Life Cycle Assessment
  • Accessibility to quality transit- location and transportation , how infrastructure affects our behavior and environmental performance in design and implementation of green projects, how our streets can be designed with the vision to inspire people’s health and well being and conservation of bio diversity and Eco system #how do we regain confidence in spaces and places we design?
regain confidence in spaces and places by committing to Green Certification
  • Innovative ways to MANAGE RISKS-what will guests expect in the next face and evolution of hospitality industry post COVID-19? What will investors expect on their next investment on commercial units? An organization, company, hotel strategy and policy to manage health risks, climatic related risks, extreme weather conditions control in buildings and interiors, ACCESSIBILITY DESIGN  as well as Family Life Support for the workers, people will focus more on who cares about HUMANITY as well as their immediate surroundings
  • Measure progress, we are embracing the “ NEW NORMAL” however, the world is changing rapidly, identifying priority areas that requires more focus and implement plans to come up with a solution before the issues goes out of hand should one of the policies each one of us should embrace-design green-live green-design health-live healthy, regularly evaluate space occupants perceptions of indoor environmental conditions, wellness policies, feedback and protocols
high end be-spoke Radisson Blu Royal Hotel-what makes this hotel exclusive-guests, staff experience and service
  • Social distance concept on discouraging prolonged sitting and sedentary behaviors by providing active workstations and furnishings, remote working policy should also be upgrades and incorporated in an organization and company culture, also introducing both visual and physical ergonomics will go a long way #how do we regain confidence in spaces and places we design

Economic and financial value of a green design project, will require us to invest more on durability, lifespan, health outcomes of the products we purchase, timelessness of a design as well as commitment and compliance of product designs to Product Health Declaration (PHD), Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

how will we regain confidence in spaces and places we design? in various interior categories

All this will be possible via self monitoring and giving your views on what you need, require and feel about GREEN, SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY design and living as well as how that impacts YOU! Transparency as well as Empathy

rosette ecodesigns

Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.