HOME INTERIOR ECO DESIGNS; on our vision to conform interior spaces to sustainable standards in your kitchen as well as bathroom…

21st century is a moment of reflection: we analyze the way we live, how we live and as for us designers we reflect on our design and how we interact with the elements of space with time within a generation. Creativity starts with whether you curious or not: you create spaces that are elegance, exclusive, beautiful; however, do we add some humanity in the design? Do we think of the scaling up of the natural resources that we extract? Do we uphold environmental conservation and protection? THAT’S THE POINTS OF REFLECTION FOR US DESIGNERS; EVOLUTION OF FUTURISTIC INTERIORS; the future of sustainable interior designs

We design to shape people’s experience in spaces and places; the world we live in today is in extreme chaos with crisis in accessing clean water for consumption, climate crisis, health crisis, extreme weather conditions and extinction of natural habitats being prevalent than ever before. Most of us have already felt the impacts. The question is how do we participate in climate action as a drive to mitigate the effects of Green House Gases? How do we participate in advancing health and well being for ourselves as well as our surrounding?


HGTV.COM on how to green your bathroom

As a home dweller: what’s your biggest challenge in your bathroom design and décor? Do you feel that the elements of design influences the way you interact in that space? Following the green guide principles of water and energy efficiency, material and resources recycle, re purpose, reuse, reduce approach you can green your bathroom? Rosette Eco Designs aims to help you get there: embrace sustainability and green living in your day to day endeavors in your bathroom.

Rosette Eco Designs is a brand driven the pillar of; health: the impact of the design to your health and wellness: with a holistic approach to WELL Building Standard concepts and features we add health and wellness components in your space;

AIR QUALITY-natural ventilation as well as interior plantscaping: a design with an organic and natural traction should allow circulation of natural air as much as possible, living walls in a bathroom, pot plants, cascading cut foliage and cut flowers in hanging baskets will do a wonder in naturalizing your bathroom. BIOPHILIC DESIGN APPLICATION; plants filter the air and aid in removing chemicals, giving an interior space natural ambience:

In a bathroom the fumes and offsets from cleaning chemicals might irritate you: hygiene and cleanliness will prevent mould and mildew from growing in your bathroom also invest on an ionic air filter to destroy organic dirt and chemicals.

LIGHT QUALITY: a good lighting design with the response of the users sub conscious mind: natural lighting with quality glares for the comfort of the home dweller. Use of skylights and sun tunnels will enhance more light circulation, the choice of color in your bathroom will impact the rays of light transmitting on the surface and wall as well as use of plants with varying sizes will modify the light penetration within an interior space. LED lighting will also have a significant impact in lighting your bathroom and saving on costs.   


The pillar of Ecology: in a bathroom design we examine the availability, consumption, usage and wastage of water, energy, pollution and waste management. With a holistic approach to LEED rating system analysis of water, energy efficiency, waste management, diversion to landfill, carbon foot print, conservation of natural water resources, as well as indoor environmental quality.

In a bathroom design; green design also involves embracing Eco friendly elements in styling and decoration;

The floor design as well as the ceiling design should lay a foundation of organic architecture.The bathroom accessories and linens; towels, bathmats, shower curtains should be made from natural textiles; preferable sustainable biodegradable materials such as organic cotton, wool, silk or polyester microfiber.

Save on water by installing low flow fixtures; bathtubs, showers, faucets, sinks. Install a laminar flow shower head to save on energy; fixing leaky faucets to minimize water waste. The toilet models should be upgraded with an efficient gallon of water per flush. The products used should have the Environmental Protection Agency Water Sense Label.

SUSTAINABILITY: durability and timelessness of a design, zero emitting interiors, and zero carbon imprint to the Eco system services as a way to prevent Green House Gases effect on climate change and global warming. Green space: the pride of being part of climate action me and my clients in inbuilt environment. The small things that we ignore, that we do have an adverse effect in our lives.

simplicity as the ultimate sophistication

Wacheke Eco Fold Studios; we aim to explore and bring to life the Green Sustainable Era to bathroom design.

rosette ecodesigns

Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.