As a green designer, I try to understand; the challenges people go through as they interact with various spaces and places; could it be the room layout? Could it be that the room does not meet your needs and purpose? Could that be accessibility? Or maybe you want to remodel or renovate your interior space? I try to solve your problem and satisfy your needs; giving you an overview of green sustainable living and the benefits.

our future homes; living green: living sustainable

Suppose a client asked you to green his home? A luxury green project where the whole building and its interiors is completely green and sustainable: the client is fully aware of the benefits of going green and wants to be part of buildings for change! In the brief he specifies that his home should belong to the community where it belongs, should blend with the surrounding landscape as well as impact the society and his family sustainably and healthy in the whole operation and maintenance!

You find an architect as well as a landscape architect to design the building and its landscape, and you design the interior spaces, the land is within the tropical highlands of Kenya where the land is relatively hot and wet throughout the year, no summer, no winter and sun prevalence is relatively high, we analyze the site with respect to the local context, soil characteristics, wind prevalence, native plants in the region as well as green building guiding principles and WELL building living standards.

sustainable site: LEED V4.1

You brainstorm how green sustainable living and the benefits, will be incorporated both in the exterior and interior spaces of the buildings. The client also has fears that his choice of materials might not be found locally, we have to think, the where, the who, the what and the how of the overall project; where construction materials will be sourced; this might also involve custom made furniture, shelves, cabinetry, flooring, pieces of art and sculptures that captures the cultural diversification of the area.

green sustainable living and the benefits: in selection of materials

On our research we examine a case study of LEED certified home in Miami Florida, a tropical climate setting just as our building’s location climate and weather patterns; how the site blends with the local climate and context of Kenyan tropical highlands. We study the features, the transportation requirements, the access to quality transit, the recreational facilities in the area, as well as habitat value, bio diversity and Eco system services in the area. We use LEED V4.1 as well as WELL V2

benefits of green sustainable design and architecture; is smart and bold

You together with architect and landscape designer develop schematics; you sketch the building layout and it’s landscape, the interior spaces/room layouts, getting mood boards, inspiration, photos, selection of materials, being creative; examining how the whole building life cycle will impact green sustainable living and the benefits on each design process- siting, designing, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation as well as demolition, how each process will utilize resources efficiently and shape people’s experience

After developing the whole concept and theme of the whole design you take to your client and discuss; getting his views and engagement on how green design and architecture is the future of Eco conscious lifestyle with a health impact, ecological conservation and regeneration of already depleted natural resources. With his approval you move to the final design development, contract administration, model development and contacting Engineers, Builders and Building Contractors to begin the construction process

the floor plan; highlighting, how each room layout will appear
the 3d visualizations; goes a long way in sharing and communicating ideas

Green interior design perspective

Green sustainable living and the benefits; a design that serves the people, occupants and the community; all pieces of art and sculptures to be sourced locally to promote local artisans and sculptors, the painting, the choice of color to blends well with the surroundings, the choice of plants for interior plantscaping as well as exterior landscaping to show a reflection of native plants from the area. You incorporate the health and wellness components in an interior space, the green design components within a space

The collection of art, the expression of the house, the transition of empty rooms and full rooms, the natural ambience that green plants gives, the modification, the softening of hardscapes a live plant gives in an interior space, these are some of the ways you give humanity to a project. Extend sustainability dialogue beyond facilities, buildings and directly to people. Using software such as EDGE tool to measure efficiency and ARC performance tool to measure building performance

With the current CORONAVIRUS pandemic we realize how the world as a global village impacts our lives! How participation, engagement as a green designer I will be part saving our planet, people and drive prosperity. We live in this world, we impact the world directly, with continuous PRAYERS, efforts, medical expertise as well as technology we will FIGHT this GLOBAL VIRUS

Green sustainable living and the benefits, Your Health Matter! Our Environment Matter!

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Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.