Will we be able to achieve high performing places, spaces and buildings? That promotes health and wellness, which is Eco Friendly? That is regenerative as well as restorative? That has high performing circular economy, blue economy strategy put in place? Those are some of Green Sustainable Healthy Design and Architecture: THE BIG QUESTION


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I have been attending visual webinar series from International Well Building Institute IWBI, Climate Action on how we are going to succeed this COVID-19 Pandemic as well as climate crisis that have gone beyond our control. Green recovery in spaces and places, HEALING IN SPACES, as well as ZERO CARBON EMISSION through buildings. Being part of change in built environment is my firm Wacheke Eco Fold Studios mission and vision-Design orientation to humanitarian crisis, climate crisis as well as upholding ecological dignity and integrity.

the balance of elements of design; where you don’t sacrifice style yet achieve sustainability

Green sustainable Healthy Design and Architecture: THE BIG QUESTION! Will we be able to achieve high performing places, spaces and buildings? When we approach high performing buildings we think POWER, SUSTAINABILITY, WATER, VENTILATION, HEALTH and WELLNESS; which are some of the ways and constraints that will hinder us from transforming built environment, as a Green interior designer what are some of the challenges am I facing and will have to overcome to achieve GREEN Design?

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  • Financial constraints-we are facing a global economic recession, economic crisis that people will have first to achieve financial stability before they think going green as way of live. To achieve climate targets, health and wellness this is a set back! To achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, New Urban Agenda, Another Decade of Action- this is a set back; some of smart moves will be enhancing Green Economic Recovery, Green Jobs, Green Finance in almost all sectors
  • Interest– this is change in human behavior, all build environment participants, developers, real estate agents, architects, designers, engineers, tenants, occupants, as well as plumbers, electricians ; they should have green achievement goals right from the onset of a project that way even the end user can be part of green buildings on the bigger picture; green sustainable healthy design and architecture; THE BIG QUESTION- will we be able to achieve high performance places, spaces and buildings? Yes, if we are INTERESTED, change in HUMAN BEHAVIOR
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  • Availability of quality transit-green infrastructural development, conservation of natural resources, as well as community engagement will make green healthy movement worthwhile-the appreciation of a quality connection with amenities such as parks, bicycle facilities, transportation facilities will greatly impact air quality, noise pollution, Green House Gas Emission  as well as fitness WELL concept
  • Investment and Measuring Performance-green sustainable healthy focused investment from high end, upscale real estate to affordable housing projects, to achieve green recovery through buildings we must broaden our audience to ensure all construction projects adhere to high standard of green design guiding principles on residential construction projects, institutional projects, commercial projects; as a designer identifying strategies that work and work best in ACTUAL PRACTICE as we solve interior spaces problems and design spaces
Biophilic design concept in a restaurant design project
  • Retrofitting Already Existing Buildings-commitment to review existing building codes and include green building principles inclusion of global green healthy certifications as well as designations as prove of one’s commitment to achieve highest green score, points; in materials and design concepts. In cutting down emissions and energy consumption; greening interior spaces in renovation and remodeling of interior spaces GREEN CONCEPT will eventually become a habit in building life cycle
  • Increasing Awareness, Education, Green Leadership, the way our children will grow perceiving nature and humanity, their health and wellness of their physical, mental, psychological and physiological needs and that of their surroundings; will depend on what we do today as youths, millennial, Gen X, boomers as well as matures; being Eco conscious, responsive to change positively THE WORLD WE WANT depends on you and I
Norman Foster; Green Sustainable Healthy Building Design
  • Integrated Design-collaboration, the big giants in achievement and small companies appreciating what each can offer to curb climate, humanitarian crisis, design with the local context in mind; synergies in site analysis, transportation and location, orientation to natural lighting, natural ventilation, product manufacturers, and cost effectiveness of a green performing building
  • Resistant to Change; Green Sustainable Healthy Design and Architecture; THE BIG QUESTION; Will we be able to achieve high performing places, spaces and buildings? This will be or is  accompanied with risk and uncertainty, embracing change, our culture and mindset, in implementing green sustainable practices; people have adopted a routine, using the same techniques, materials and products which they are familiar; however, COVID -19 has impacted routine to preparedness, resiliency and adaptability to change
A design concept; local context Rwanda Architecture

Green Sustainable Healthy Design and Architecture; THE BIG QUESTION; will we be able to achieve high performing places, spaces and buildings? This will be narrowed down to GREEN TECHNOLOGY, TRANSPARENCY as well ENGAGEMENT #Let’sembracegreendesign

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Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.