In 2020 Green Eco Fold Era will be all about interaction in high end real estate development; we will think about how green sustainable design and architecture can be achieved in the largest asset class REAL ESTATE. Are you are Eco conscious? Are you Health conscious? Do you consider buildings and everything in them; let’s say from construction, operation and maintenance have an adverse effect on your well being and that of your surroundings?

uprising of high end real estate-will continue-how then do we BUILT GREEN

It feels good to own, occupy, live and  work  in a million dollar home, office building, mansion just to mention a few. Most high end clients look for privacy, prestige and protection in spaces and places, they want to enjoy what money can buy, enjoy the exclusivity of life, and ULTIMATE LUXURY. In the 21st century I believe luxury goes beyond high end cars, private jets, yachts, a million dollar commercial, residential, industrial as well as institution real estate investment.

We are in climate crisis, you can imagine you own, or bought a house at the beach, own an island and all of a sudden it’s washed away by a TSUNAMI, we have been humbled to put our environment and our heath at the center of human development, technology and programming decisions. WELL, I also dream of being a High end client someday but as a Green Designer I have to see beyond the present and advocate for GREEN SUSTAINABLE   design and architecture in the largest asset class real estate.

A modern interior design-where you incorporate-the feel of humanity and sustainability

I have, we have, and you have to think about our future generation in mind; let’s think HEALTH AS THE ULTIMATE LUXURY, upholding ECOLOGICAL integrity and dignity via conscious and responsive design and architecture, access to clean air and water, conservation of natural resources in real estate development.

ecological conservation-yet simple and luxurious

How can we live Green and Sustainable? how the places and buildings we live, work, heal, play and spend most of our time contribute to Energy Consumption, Green House Gases Emission, and Global Waste, most high end clients we design for, are well traveled and are aware of environmental sustainability, cultural sustainability, economical sustainability, and corporate sustainability, however,

Accelerating response is the KEY to change, RESPONSIBILITY to advocate for Eco friendly products, Eco Luxe homes, Eco housing modules, SPACES and PLACES that meets one’s needs dynamically; acoustic balance, thermal comfort, air quality, light quality (circadian light design), nourishment, fitness, and mind. Owning, designing, constructing and Eco friendly building is actually the RIGHT THING TO DO to be part of climate action,

A green home allows in natural lighting, 100% natural ventilation, blends well with surroundings

Having one of the best green sustainable design and architecture certification bodies such as United States Green Building Council- LEED, International Well Building Institute (IWBI), Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) certify and assess your building  is both BOLD and PROVE of one’s ethical commitment towards sustainability dialogue. You should actually go for it, or invest on a building that will involve a certification body to earn points on sustainability

High end clients go for the best: you can imagine a client approaching you as an real estate agent, as an interior designer and give specification of owning or creation of 100% zero carbon emitting building and it’s interiors, zero % energy consumption in heating and cooling, 100% natural ventilation, 100% day light autonomy, maximum building and space performance? And goes ahead to hire an EDGE SOFTWARE or ARC SKORU SOFTWARE expert to measure how GREEN a project and building really is? Purchase of Eco Friendly Products, advocate for Circular Economy, Blue Economy in building operation and maintenance as well as waste disposal

You can imagine when buying a home or watching a video of a high end real estate over view at the Architectural Digest, Interior Design Trends and the first thing you hear is ‘Inside Jessica Alba Eco Luxury home, or Open door to Kris Jenner’s $30 million green sustainable home” celebrities always capture a broad audience in driving change more people will eventually change shift to Eco conscious life style when their favorite celebrity sets an example and advocates for change.

biophilic design concept at Kris Jenner’s home

Most people who can afford high end products and services are CEOs from industries and manufacturing companies who are involved in the supply chain, whose giant brands make an impact, some are movers and shakers in the world of real estate, some are diplomats, delegates, world leaders, who drive policies on how to curb climate change and global warming, I think if we could see some of commitment at a personalized level from HIGH PROFILE people there will be accelerated response to CLIMATE ACTION via Green Sustainable Design and Architecture in The Largest Asset Class Real Estate.

Luxury goes beyond what we see, from luxury in the details, high end products, site selection , million dollar paintings, art, We should ask ourselves how do we incorporate green design principles in these high end, sophisticated spaces, places and buildings? We should address our contribution to Green Gas House Emission, Waste management, Water and Energy efficiency, Material and resources recycle, reuse, and repurpose approach, clean and organic design FINISH

how a building contributes to Green House Gas Emission impacts us and our environment

How do we advance green design and architecture in the world’s largest asset class REAL ESTATE; in Africa, In North America, In South America, In Asia, In Australia, In New Zealand, In Europe, as well as Antarctica?

The next blogs in 2020, will be engaging and conversational, connecting with real estate industry-High End Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Industrial Real Estate and Institutional Real Estate-GREEN BUILT-GREEN INBUILT action

rosette ecodesigns

Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.