Development in the 21st century is centered to impact humanity and our planet positively. Putting people and their environment at the focus of economic development, modern architecture and design. Green design is a modern technological advancement and a trendy,  growing field that focuses on humanity, environmental conservation, restoration of our Eco system, protection of bio diversity,  achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and vision 2030.

Going green in design and architecture focuses on in-build environment, Eco- friendly approach to interior design as well as transformation of interior spaces to sustainable standards; accreditations such as Leadership on Energy and Environment Design (LEED) and International Well Building Institute (IWBI AP) are stepping up to support green design approach, policies and strategies.

With a Bsc. Environmental Horticulture and Landscaping Technology, I realized there is need to participate and play a part in impacting our planet, our environment, our cities, our communities, our settlements, by going green.

I asked myself: What can I do? How can I do this? Why should I do this? to be able to achieve my desire to going green strategy? I have a passion for design and architecture I figured out during my undergraduate degree; am also a lover of nature and our environment; I thought I should give it a try but at a more personalized level, enter into people’s lives, understand and shares their needs, challenges, desires and how green sustainable design will have an impact in their lives and lifestyle.

That’s when I started my journey to green sustainable interior designs, I created a brand and a website Rosette Eco Design; and registered an interior design studio Wacheke Eco Fold Studios with a mission to help humanity thrive in a clean interior atmosphere and provide smart, reflective, quality and valuable Eco interior products and services for a cleaner future. To discover, explore, imagine, innovate and bring to life the green era to interior designs.

Alex Vervoordt an iconic and international interior designer said that design in this century is all about restoration and using what is existing to create new designs; to enhance maximizing of depleting resources.

Frank Gehry on the other hand said that in each design one should focus on humanity

In green interior design: design projects are influenced by concepts and aspects such as:

  • Efficiency; energy and water efficiency in an interior space in terms of consumption and usage
  • Material and resource aspects; décor items that have low environmental impact, pollution and waste management  
  • Clean and organic concept: natural features in an interior space, natural lighting, ventilation, use of indoor plants to enhance air quality
  • Space consciousness and responsiveness; how are people up to task to going green in their homes,  their work places, their indoor spaces; are they aware of the impacts that these integrative design approaches is going to impact their lives and future?
  • Surface treatments, the painting, the window and wall treatments, how safe are the products? are they Eco- friendly with no toxin levels and up to certification standards?
  • Narrative concept, the design reception, perception, impression and feel; people are always looking for memorable places and experiences; green design should be Eco and Timeless eliciting as well as creating an ecologically living atmosphere.

At Wacheke Eco Fold Studios we think accomplishment and structure of our brand in Four Pillars;

Health-people’s  health and wellness in an interior space by focusing on the needs of the occupants such as air quality, proper choice of indoor products, items, accessories, fabrics, equipment that are safe and have zero toxicity levels and no carbon in print.

Ecology– upholding ecological dignity and integrity, environmental conservation, care, consciousness, concern ,restoration and preservation via smart interior design approach

Sustainability-a reflective design approach with the future generation in mind, ushering in a cleaner future and sustainable economy

Green interior space– increase clarity, engagements, collaboration, support and Action to Action be to all; the designer and the client to step up to this Green Eco Era challenge

As a company we think Sustainable Development Goals, Vision 2030, Affordable Housing (one of our country’s big 4 agenda), Climate Change and Global Warming; we think about a better and sustainable world for all

  • We value people’s health and wellness as well as their environment
  • We value people’s experience in places and spaces

Wacheke Eco Fold Studio

  • -good health is the ultimate luxury
  • -sustainable space is the ultimate luxury
Represents the future of modern and sustainable interior designs

rosette ecodesigns

Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.