KITCHEN ECO DESIGN; the center of the family with nourishment at the core of design

A family style kitchen features wood cabinets and a green marble counter top.

Is it the right thing to do? Going green; going Eco lifestyle in our kitchen design? Why incorporate sustainable design principles in our homes? If you are an environment and health optimistic person in your space; here are some of the ways to GREEN YOUR KITCHEN:

Always have a good overview on ventilation performance for indoor air circulation and quality, natural lighting, the heating and cooling requirements of your space. Also have a good eye in the choice of energy rated products. Frequent testing of the products on whether they are performing and operating well

We should always think consciousness and responsibility in the Life Cycle Assessment of the products from raw material extraction, manufacture, procurement, shipping, use and disposal. Always look for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified cabinets and flooring.

A kitchen with an Eco inspiration from HGTV

The kitchen countertops: select sustainable materials such as brass, oak, quartz, and aluminum; the material used should also have the circular approach; that is it should be dissembled and safely recycled.

Sinks and faucets; water fixtures that have Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Water Sense Label as well as sink faucets that have an automatic shutoff to increase on water efficiency in usage and spillage.

Cabinets and storage; aluminum cabinets are extremely durable and can be recycled after use. Use of metal racks to eliminate clutter in your kitchen, use of organic baskets in storing items for your pantry will also boost the Eco touch in a kitchen. It’s even wise to install refaced cabinetry instead of custom cabinets in your space.

Think of how you can control reduce and prevent indoor air pollutants, have an effective way of waste management in your kitchen as well as grey water harvesting for use in your landscape. Plants indoors can also do wonder for your kitchen from livening up the space, improving the amount of oxygen as well as bringing the outdoor indoors perspective.

Kitchen lighting; use of LED lighting fixtures to illuminate the surfaces, the type of paint also brightens the space.                                                                                                                                    Ceiling design; avoid ceiling tiles containing formaldehyde, wood tiles are the healthiest also accept tiles that are Green Guard Gold Certified.

Floor tiles; consider materials that are manufactured with recyclable ingredients; quartz slabs, glass tiles as an example. Always avoid vinyl synthetic carpeting.

Kitchen appliances; proper documentation and certification providing quality assurance in overall performance, usage, operation and safety in disposal                                                 Tools and gadgets; always look for products that have met the testing and product requirements for clean wood finishes, floor coatings, stains, shellacs, also the anti corrosive, anti rust paints applied to various elements and components of a kitchen design.

Incorporating sustainable components starts with you and me
being an ambassador of green kitchen design

A clean organic kitchen design is always efficient in space performance and optimization, the design can with stand a test of time; longevity, durability as well as flexibility of the space is one of the themes in this evolution of green sustainable interiors.                                                                                                         Resource material: USGBC in low emitting materials and Green Globes on Sustainable Interiors

As our clients and users of the spaces we create; CHALLENGE US: on the benefits and opportunities that come along with Eco Friendly approach to interior designing.                                                                              Emphasize on the timelessness of a design, always look for economic sustainability aspect of a design finish in maintenance and operation.

Sustainability aspect in environmental issues, health issues as well as cultural diversification in space performance, Environmental Product Declaration databases of indoor products, Low Emitting Material Credit as well Eco Label Certification icon on a product.

A client asking for LEED, BREEAM, WELL Building Standard, GREEN STAR, GREEN GLOBES FOR SUSTAINABLE INTERIORS, certification and designations from the designer, an architect or engineer will be BOLD and SMART in driving SUSTAINABILITY agenda forward…

Wacheke Eco Fold Studios on green interiors for residential buildings; KITCHEN and BATHS

am sustain RosetteRose advocating and designing green interior spaces
let’s embrace green design

Images for kitchen and bathroom Eco design; courtesy HGTV NETWORK

rosette ecodesigns

Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.