Our health matter; your well being matter and that of your surroundings: when you invest on people and nature you save lives, productivity flows; it’s good to the economy you have a competitive advantage as a company, as an organization, as a nation

Arup’s Melbourne WELL platinum certified office in Sydney Australia

Green design is part of the solution to impact health and well being as an occupant; as a user of a space and a building. We spend most of our times indoors; the indoor environment has an adverse effect on our physical health, mental health, cardiovascular health, respiratory health just to mention a few.

Do you ever ask yourself? How WELL is the built environment you are in? Being mindful of our lives and what’s around us!

The International Well Building Standard is a certification body for buildings as well as interiors that strongly advance health and wellness of the users and occupants as a DRIVE to help HUMANITY thrive. Using 10 concepts IWBI Certifies buildings with a holistic approach to;

Arup’s offices use of indoor plants; prevent carbon dioxide build up in spaces

Quality of air, the ventilation system within a building, the use of biophilic design concept-interior plantscaping to facilitate removal of carbon dioxide build up in spaces. Water quality which goes hand in hand with nourishment concept, what you eat and drink matter; clean water and a balanced diet will go a long way in boosting productivity as well as physical health.

Light quality, allowing in day time light, which can be regulated and controlled as per comfort of the users. Ergonomics, acoustic transmission as well as insulation (HVAC) systems in a building should facilitate change in experience of occupants.

Putting people at the focus of design leads to higher engagement

Fitness- enjoying physical activities in spaces using the active design approach where people can enjoy retreats as well as GYM services, breathtaking views, architectural details, volumes that impacts the mood and mind in spaces and places.

Let’s feature a WELL PLATINUM certified office ARUP’s MELBOURNE WORKPLACE in Sydney Australia and appreciate how health and wellness components have been distributed throughout the building as well as spaces. The overall design centers around AIR, WATER, SOUND, LIGHT, MATERIALS, MOVEMENT, NOURISHMENT, THERMAL COMFORT, MIND $ COMMUNITY

New Arup’s office embrace sustainability at the core of design

We are in the green sustainability era. We design with the future generation in mind; we design and create spaces that people will enjoy today and in the future. ARUP’s workplaces was designed by HASELL architectural studio, they used the principles of connectivity, flexibility, sustainability and wellness in the design process.

With the vision to achieve the highest rating; International Well Building Institute rating, 6 star Green star rating, 5 star NABERS energy rating there was through examination of both the exterior and interior design; from the air tight building envelope, the ventilation system, the orientation of the roof to reduce the urban heat effect as well as facilitate rain water harvesting, a well landscaped garden, use of natural materials

A programmable lighting system designed to mimic the body’s circadian rhythm, acoustic optimization for different work places and styles to regulate the sound in various spaces, creation of retreat spaces, and a communal eating space within the building.

The interiors ; selection of finishes and materials that further enhance sound insulation, air quality, thermal comfort,  as well as ergonomics; compliance to Product Health Declaration, Environmental Product Declarations, Raw material Extraction credit for fit outs,  furniture and new built finishes.

Incorporating green features within the spaces creates ambiences, modifies the architectural details, creating pleasant views as well as experiences.

The transition of indoors and the outdoors

The floor design, the choice of color, the lighting solution and features were all designed to cater for personalized needs. The RGB lamps used can adjust color temp to reflect circadian rhythm.

Zero emitting interiors approach in choice of cleaning products, monitoring of air pollutants as well as water contaminants and chemicals

How the ARUP’s workplace was awarded the highest rating WELL PLATINUM? Through TESTING and FINAL EVALUATION by the Green Business Certification Inc; This is BOLD having a building tested to monitor performance with regard to the overall performance and interaction of people living and using these buildings and their interiors.

When you invest on people productivity flows

Building a building that focuses on humanity, on people, on nature, on adaptability to changes in weather conditions, climate, a building that belongs to the place it’s built; creating building systems and interiors that human beings can interact with.

BUILDINGS FOR CHANGE: is all about adding VALUE to People, to the Planet for Prosperity; that way we can make our cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. The new urban agenda is a call to action the World Urban Forum is a must to watch or attend in ABU DHABI United Arab Emirates 2020 courtesy of UN Habitat

We are accountable to our own wellness standards, our brand Rosette Eco Designs is all about helping people we design for THRIVE in an ecologically healthy interior atmosphere’

“Good health is the ultimate luxury”

rosette ecodesigns

Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.