By upholding ecological integrity and dignity via conscious and responsive GREEN DESIGNS as well as GREEN ARCHITECTURE

We are already caught up. We are in climate crisis; extreme weather conditions that are beyond our control, beyond nature forces of balance. If we do not act now; species that cannot adapt to change will DIE, will CEASE to EXIST. What about effects on humanity? How will we thrive in floods, hurricane, cyclones, extremely hot ecosystems, Will there be food security? What about diseases; our health and wellness? WE NEED TO STEP UP

will we be able to adapt to these changes?

As a designer I want to be part of this via evolution of sustainable, informed, excellent as well as transformed building solutions and decisions that will impact ECOLOGY, our HEALTH and WELLNESS as well as our PLANET positively, in the whole building life cycle. I want to explore ways to monitor climate change and global warming in built environment.

Ecology is the study of how human, plants and animals interact and coexist together within a generation and all share the world’s natural resources to thrive. We always try to think balance in utilization of resources efficiently and sustainably with the future generation in mind, HOWEVER, the balance has already been interfered with through human development. For many years we have been extracting the natural resources without scaling up, resulting to depletion, Eco system imbalance beyond our control.

The EDGE Atrium in Amsterdam; a true representation of Green Building Evolution via Innovation

The digital age has enlightenment though! With technology we can get back our planet, we can control and balance development, ecology, sustainability as well as resilience;

Buildings and everything in them contribute greatly to these adverse effects on our bio diversity, as a way of accelerating response as designers, architects and occupants we are challenged to be part of climate action. Global organizations such as USGBC; introduced LEED rating system with a goal to enhance the vitality of life and health within a generation. In building design we are required to address, water crisis, natural habitats, open spaces as well as Green House Gases

Innovate ways to combat carbon footprint, offset and emissions in built and inbuilt environment which influence ozone layer depletion, green house gases effects. EDGE, BREEAM, WORLD GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL- aims to reduce carbon emissions a drive to zero carbon 2050 pumping out climate change pollution equivalent

When we think Eco system balance; in the 21st century we incorporate CIRCULAR ECONOMY initiative; a drive to zero waste policy, that continuous regeneration of resources without depletion; the same concept that the force of nature uses to control the physical world and life itself; BIO-GEOCHEMICAL CYCLE; Nitrogen Cycle, Carbon Cycle, Hydrological Cycle

Climate action here is examined with regard to A Biotic and Biotic compartment turnover. In building science and construction of cities and communities that power and ability of the built environment to cycle the resources pathway; Life Cycle Assessment of materials,  the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle approach of materials. The whole building cycle should also embrace use of resources wisely with strict adherence to green building guidelines.

We are driving the adaptability of buildings to changes in weather patterns, RESILIENCE, and sustainability in regard to the local as well as regional requirements. We emphasize on the inter relationship between a building, its Eco system and Eco system services.

Being part of this; embracing modernism in design but put sustainability at the heart of the design process. The integrative approach in collaboration, engagement and partnership with all those involved in building solution; advocate for local cycle of a design operation and maintenance as well as an effective space and building performance.

A bet to action; a drive to action to be advocate for Sustainable Development Goals,  United Nations Framework For Climate Change (UNFCCC) objective to prevent dangerous interference with the climate system, UN Environment  Climate System , Blue Economy and the New Urban Agenda.

Our Marine Eco system is already endangered; WHAT can we do SAVE Oceanic Bio Diversity





Planting trees alone will not save our planet, climate action is broad; everything that happens on our planet has a role to play. Uncertainty in climate science will require a lot of commitment, policies and adherence in Merging Building Science, Environmental Science, Medical Science as well as Economics to bring REAL change.

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Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.