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Wacheke Eco Fold Studios is one year old now, it has been our honor to participate in various workshops, seminars, and design consultancy services as we continue to drive our vision; upholding ecological integrity and dignity via responsive and conscious interior design services and it’s our pride to continue serving you as our clients as we progress to our second year as an ongoing approach to commit.

Creating spaces is our passion; greening interiors is our inspiration

As we approach the end of 2019; we ask ourselves! What have I done as an individual? What have we done as a company? The world is changing rapidly; there is a lot of anguish. From extreme weather conditions, climate crisis, water crisis, global economy shake ups. How have I impacted our planet positively? How have you? How have we?

As a green designer, we advocate for timelessness in design, we embrace sustainability at the core of design processes, we think of what the future generation will find.

In this blog post we will applaud and feature SAINT GOBAIN North America a company that makes materials for a living a LEED Platinum certified building by the United States Green Building Council. The company is 350 years old, has gone through changes, centuries, decades but still adapted to these changes to become part of the solution and an example of STAND A TEST OF TIME concept in design solutions.

a true representation of timelessness in built environment

LEED V2.1 the updated certification programme; how has Saint Gobain achieved this? Core and shell designed by the architectural firm Bernardon and interiors by Jacobs. The design concept ‘ An open collaborative setting” centered on an open architectural plan, that smells nice, feels better, light without glare and a high tech noise reduction system

How a design is perceived it’s how it’s received!

LEED V2.1 CREDITS achieved by Saint Gobain North American Office

  1. In location and transportation-the company is a suburban property 17000 sq-ft with a connection to amenities such as restaurants, cafeteria and parks; the products were extracted, manufactured and purchased within the local community reducing the long haul of transportation.
  2. In sustainable sites-the orientation of the building, the sage glass installation on the West and South sides allows in a lot of day light and can change with regard to the weather or seasonal changes. People can also enjoy views from the natural environment.
  3. In material and resource- HVAC systems improve acoustic performance, air quality and noise levels. Efficient waste management planning  in construction, demolition and operation of the building, building life cycle impact reduction, building products disclosure and optimization
  4. In energy and atmosphere-the high glazing optimizes energy performance; glass increases energy efficiency in buildings by reducing as well as regulating the heating and cooling requirement, the air conditioning as well as the lighting within a space.
  5. In water efficiency-Water conservation measures, water harvesting rain water as well as grey water, monitoring the quality of water, as well as protection of water catchment areas, lakes, rivers or any other source in the region with respect to the local context of the building.
  6. Indoor environmental quality-wall covering sanitize the air, low emitting interiors, zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) released into the indoor air in paints and coatings, in adhesives and sealants applied to the site, in flooring, in ceilings as well as furniture.
  7. Innovation-measure the building and space performance using  Calumen-a glazing performance calculation soft ware, EDGE- an energy performance calculation software, ARC- a space and building performance software
Creating a dynamic environment among the elements of space

Saint Gobain North America represents the evolution of green buildings where all those Involved in the building environment should embrace green design; create a dynamic environment that can be adjusted with regard to the comfort of the user, the local climate, air, temperature as well as humidity.

A building and it’s interiors that meet International Standards in operation and maintenance, a building that emits zero carbon, requires zero energy in cooling and heating, a building that contributes to no Green House Gas Emission. This is possible where all the project outcomes are analyzed in the early stages of a project and proper documentation.

The overall design of the buildings from the acoustic profile, the gypsum on the wall, insulation behind the wall, ergonomic workstations,  wall covering products that sanitizes the air, repel and kill fungus, duct materials in the HVAC System improves acoustic performance, air quality and noise levels.

The recycle, reuse, reduce, re purpose approach of spun glass and a plant based binder, Saint Gobain is true representation of Humanity and Nature at the heart of design, AS AN ARCHITECT or A DESIGNER we create buildings and spaces that PROTECT, CONSERVE, RESTORE as well as REGENERATE.

The question to you as our client, as an occupant and user of a building and space: How do you interact with the building or space? Do you uphold ecological dignity in operation and maintenance? Are you responsive and conscious about your health, that of your kids or grandchildren?

You focus on health and well being of yourself, your neighbor as well as your surroundings

Eco tip: 

  • decorate the walls and furniture using mirrors, lacquered glass and enamel to improve the health impact of an interior space
  • use glass in partitions and doors to facilitate thermal insulation, visible light transmittance and solar factor

Always remember to be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified the building projects must achieve certain prerequisites  and earn points-this can earn your building and it’s interiors a LEED certificate, LEED Bronze, LEED Silver, LEED Gold and LEED Platinum, CHANGE is HERE it’s us to embrace CHANGE

rosette ecodesigns

Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.