About Us

In November 2018 at Rongai, Naromoru Nanyuki, driven by passion and desire to enter into people’s lives, share their lifestyle with them and design indoor spaces for them: The love of nature and environmental optimism, that urge to usher in a cleaner future and sustainable products and services in various interior spaces: the brand Rosette Eco Designs and the design studio Wacheke Eco Fold studios came to life. We always look at what is appealing to our eyes or cater for our preferences and taste. Most of us want to live in a comfortable, sumptuous environment and space. However, do we consider; health and safety of what’s around us? Energy and water use efficiency? Quality,durability, use and disposal of materials? Do we achieve eco-friendly approach to interiors designs and decorations? With more people working from home; we believe there is a need to invest and improve people’s experience on their dignity, health and environment as well as embrace the diversification of art, culture and heritage especially via smart, reflective designs and innovation on green energy, green economy as well as green architecture. Through our designs we aim to bring functionality, aesthetics, practicality and satisfaction of our client’s needs in various interior spaces and still have that Eco-Touch in all our Designing, Implementation, Installation and Maintenance. Adequate and affordable housing being one of the pillars of urban development we look forward to integrate and conform interiors design and architecture to ecologically living and sustainable standards. Climate Change and Global Warming Monitoring , Sustainable Development Goals, Global Environmental Summit as we continue to find ways to achieve these missions and objectives. We believe that change in perspective and strategy should start right from our homes, change in lifestyle, embrace eco-designs and products indoors, and proper use of natural resources in context with the cultural and design inspirations of all the parties involved. Going Green Going Eco in Designing Rosette Eco Designs-Where Design Meets Ecology


Our Team is growing day by day and we are devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.

Rose Wacheke

Green Designer