At Wacheke Eco Fold Studios our inspiration is to offer green interior products and services in the hospitality industry: LOBBY and OPEN SPACES


Our main concept in Hotel Interior Eco Design is to offer design that are clean and organic; offer something that guests will remember; we ask ourselves what the current and future travelers are looking for and try to bring to life the future of interior design in hotels, motels, other commercial buildings lobby as well as public/open spaces.

The modern design and architecture is all about balance; we balance aesthetics, functionality as well as operation ability of a space, we balance the health and well being of the users of a space as well as their environment, we balance resources extraction as well as utilization, we balance all sustainability aspects of environmental, social and economic  perspective,

When you venture into hotel business you look forward to attract guests and visitors and enjoy maximum profits in your business. Who wouldn’t want his or her hotel to receive the best rating 5 star, 6 stars, and 7 stars? As a designer I believe a good hotel should create a memory, an impression, a feeling in the services provided,

Business Insider; you create a memory through DESIGNING

We should always ask ourselves how we stand from the competition. How can we gain a competitive advantage? What’s trending in hotel design industry?

The future upholds sustainability at the core of design decisions; whether is an upcoming new hotel construction, a renovation, a redesign or a remodeling project in the hospitality industry green design is the way to go.

With certification such as United States Green Building Council LEED, and International WELL Building Standard rating system as a hotel owner, as an architect, as a designer, as an engineer, as a contractor, following green building guidelines as well as the WELL Concepts in design process will be bold.

There are a lot of benefits associated with green sustainable design; first, is the utility bill in operation and maintenance of the built and inbuilt environment, energy and water efficiency programs in the design will save on water, electricity bills. Material and resources efficiency will show ethical commitment to utilization of natural resources wisely.

LEED V2.1 calls for restoration and regeneration of natural habitats, water resources and land preservation, a design that represents the diversification of the local culture, climate and blends well with the location in which it’s situated.

Our interior design studio aims to bring to life the green sustainable design in the hospitality industry as well as commercial spaces in designing lobbies and open spaces. After a long travel or a long drive, I believe one should enter a space that brings a feeling of rest, one should anticipate staying in the hotel by just being intrigued by the spectacular lobby as the first impression; as a guest one should look forward to explore more during the hotel visit.

Greening interiors in hotel lobby and open spaces

We design for people’s health and wellness: we follow concepts and incorporate health components in an interior space: QUALITY CONCEPT in indoor air quality-natural ventilation as well as interior plantscaping in advancing advantages of biophillic, bio-climatic design principles in interior spaces.

Indoor light quality-allow in a lot of natural daytime lighting as well as use of energy efficient bulbs in light design of a space. Water quality and acoustic transmission; having a dynamic environment where all the quality aspects are balanced, controlled and can be adjusted with regard to the needs of the occupants within a space.

 Emissions from the interior products and materials can also be detrimental to the people occupying a space; we install products that are low emitting, certified with an Eco label certification tag, Forest Stewardship Council, products that have passed all the safety and health regulation requirements.

Thermal comfort, mood, mind, nourishment and community WELL concepts as part of changing and impacting the experience of a place and space; A GOOD DESIGN is more of FEELING than what you SEE

A look at 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge..a clean and organic traction in design

With software such EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) as a hotel owner, you can measure efficiency in water, energy and embodied carbon in materials and figure out how you can increase efficiency and save on maintenance cost.

With ARC software from USGBC you can measure space or building performance with regard to the LEED rating categories, SITES, TRUE, PEER and whether you are making smart property investments  with regard to GREBS. All involved in building life cycle should know this software’s; and also teach our clients how to use them.

As designers we always appreciate the progression a design gives when we design a lobby and open spaces; the way a design blends with the local with the surrounding environment, careful use of sustainable materials, the way a guest and visitor responds to a design.

Most guests are well traveled, well informed, and assertive to their travel, accommodation choices. They want to see a more natural organic traction in design and architecture, they want to see responsiveness to global changes and crisis; how each project is part of the solution in mitigating climate change and Green House Gas Emissions.

A LOBBY and an open space that creates a memory

A LOBBY and an open space that adheres to the guest’s standard

A LOBBY and an open space that reflects the identity of that hotel

A LOBBY and an open space with magnificent art display, interesting furniture, floral arrangement, organic accents, as well as sculptures that reflect the culture of the place

A LOBBY and an open space that connects with nature and complexity of the local environment

A LOBBY and an open space that is multi functional, creatively uses space segmentation, uses ultra efficiency and performance measures

rosette ecodesigns

Design is all about people and their environment, as a designer: I design spaces with human health and wellness at the heart of design. I design to restore and regenerate, I design to uphold ecological integrity and dignity.